for anyone who has ever asked,"Where is God my Maker, who gives songs in the night?"

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Easter at the Bowl

It didn’t really feel like church.  It was more like The Church.  It was something special.  I suppose Easter by its very nature requires something special which was definitely accomplished.  Three churches, one venue; any Trinitarian ideas were possibly intentional and Christian unity definitely observed. Easter at the Hollywood Bowl Fellowship Monrovia Christian Assembly, Eagle Rock Bel Air Presbyterian Church April 20, 2014 When my cousin told me she was playing at the

Saturday, the day after

Saturday The day after the hope of the world died and the hearts of the world broke and the Father cried And the disciples saw nothing, heard nothing, felt nothing… yet remembered everything Do you remember what he said? What he promised? What he did? Who he was? Do you remember what our lives were like before we met this man who spoke words of hope, who taught us to believe in miracles, and to believe that God sees us and hears us and, dare we believe, even loves us? But tha