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Timing is Everything: And God is Near

Updated: May 28, 2021

Today, everything seemed to happen at the exact right time.

First, I was late leaving school. (This because I was reading not because I was working hard – teachers have such interesting libraries, but I digress.) As I was leaving, I crossed paths with a teacher I hadn’t met up within nearly a year. We had a great chat about faith and family and I was very encouraged.

Then, I found out that my rent was being raised. This is particularly frustrating because the jobs I have don’t give raises, forcing me to pick up additional work to offset the increased cost of living. But then in the mail, I got an insurance payout that was three times what I was expecting.

Finally, I was walking around the neighborhood, trying to focus on walking more quickly and just better than normal, and I heard this little girl shouting. I turned around and saw a girl and her dad jogging around the neighborhood. She would frequently stop to smell flowers, then take off again. They said hi to me and continued running. I have never seen them before, but they made me smile.

I know to most people, all of these things happened by chance. They were bound to happen eventually and I tend to be an optimist and see the best in my circumstances. There was nothing supernatural about anything that happened to me today. Except timing.

Today, timing was everything. And I was aware of God in a way I sometimes forget.

I would have liked to have met up with this teacher over the summer, but it didn’t work out and then suddenly, there she was in the same place as me (a place that neither of us usually work). I could have used the insurance money earlier this month, yet it came at the same time as the rent notice. And I sure wish that I could walk without thinking about it, but then I saw the little girl laughing and talking excitedly and constantly reaching for her dad’s hand as they ran together and I was reminded that one day I will do that again too.

God is good. And God is near. And God cares about the timing – even of my life.

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